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I'd wanted to release a Christmas EP for a number of years, but it always seemed to escape me. I finally got to it with the release of 'When December Comes' at the end of 2020. It was my first time releasing a Welsh language song, which I was really pleased about! I also wanted to write an upbeat song for people to sing along to at Christmas, so I wrote 'Be With You On Christmas Day'. Once again Jess carmody (lyrics) and I worked together on a couple of these songs.

'In Another Life' was released in September 2020. Again, most of the songs were co-written with Jess Carmody (lyrics). I had a few friends join me on this, but it was mostly back to me on all instruments. I was very pleased to be able to get the wonderful Swatkins and his trusty talkbox to appear on a track! Please check my Bandcamp page for all credits. I think 'Try As I Might' is one of my favourites on this one.

June 2020. What can I say..? 'What Can I Do' - probably my favourite collaboration to date. I asked my friend (and super talented arranger/trumpet player) Tom Walsh if he and his section 'Horn House' would like to be involved. We had a few chats about the kinds of things I'd like to hear in the arrangement, and Tom went to work. The result, I hope you'll agree, is something pretty spectacular! I'm playing tuba in the outro too! 

July 2019 saw the release of my EP 'Halfway Home'. For this release, I asked my talented live band to be involved, along with a choir of family and friends on the final track 'Hope'. Most of the songs were co-written with Jess Carmody (lyrics). Please visit my Bandcamp page for full list of credits.


I released an EP in April 2018 entitled 'Them & Us'. I called in some very talented friends to work on parts of this collection of songs. Ross Ewart (Guitar), Oli Savill (Percussion), Tom Walsh and his horn section. The wonderful Jess Carmody co-wrote a song with me (Heavy Is The Sorrow). The EP is available on iTunes, Spotify, and most other digital platforms.




I released my debut album 'Got To Let Go' in 2014. This album features myself on every instrument. Mixed by Russ Hayes and myself. Produced by me.



Me and my band performing 'Contusion' live at The Islington


Ross Ewart - Guitar

Louise Bartle - Drums

Adam Kovacs - Percussion

Karme Caruso & James Wyatt - Keyboards

Holly Petrie/Desri Ramus/Mike Davies - Backing Vocals

Me - Bass



My version of Ed Sheeran's 'Shape Of You'
My version of Adele's "Hello".
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