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I have taught one to one and classroom lessons since the age of 18 and it is something I still enjoy. Lessons can take place in my studio in north London, or via Skype. I offer lessons in:



Basic Mixing



For teaching enquiries, please get in touch here




Teaching Experience



Tutor at ICMP (2012-present)



Tutor on BMus and BA courses

Delivering modules on production, harmony, theory, composition, arranging, instrumental skills (bass and drums)

Assessing student exams, both written and performance

Tailoring plans and setting goals with individual students in one to one session





Tutor at The British Academy of New Music (2008-2012)



Developed HE teaching skills

Tracked progress of 25-30 students in each class

Worked with artists to develop portfolio and performance skills

Liaised with line managers and examination board

Assessed and invigilated exams/performances/portfolios

Fortunate enough to teach Ed Sheeran during this time






Peripatetic tutor for William Mathias Schools services (2001-2006)



One to one tuition in drums, bass, guitar, composition and music theory

Group sessions and workshops delivered

Gained experience in working with young children and teenagers in primary and secondary education

Prepared detailed documents of student progress

Developed practice routines and plans for each student



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