From time to time, I'll add some thoughts about music making...

5th January 2017

Wow! Seems I've not updated this for almost a year. Oops. Either that or I've had zero thoughts... Who knows!

Having done more and more writing, mixing and production work over the last year, I've been thinking a lot about what's important in music. I've been working hard to further understand the technical aspects of mixing and sound. As important as a lot of those things are (phase, "gain staging" etc...), I've come to realise that the most important thing really is how the music affects the listener emotionally. Of course, this comes from the composition/performance itself, but needs to be emphasised and enhanced through the production and mixing. Mastering too!

Because of all this, I've become more and more aware of my own reactions to music. I find myself looking at paintings differently now too. I notice how a painting affects me. I used to just look at them. I think now I try to let them get to me. Sounds a bit unusual now I've written it down!

I think it's really important to understand and practice the fundamental aspects of music. By that, I mean technical proficiency, harmony/theory knowledge, composition and arranging skills, mixing, production etc etc... Once those things are in place, I think it's possible to create incredible music which will have an emotional effect on the listener for a long time. That's the aim, right?


28th November 2017

A busy year so far. Touring with Jamiroquai has been pretty hectic. Have changed a couple of my guitar bits for the gigs. Now using a 50s style Fender Strat with a Line 6 Helix. Sounding very nice!

Also been working on a few writing sessions. Some exciting things to share in the new year!

Trying to practice as much as possible in hotel rooms.. Currently trying to work on playing outside over quick changes. I find it quite challenging, but the small breakthrough moments are happening fairly regularly! There's no end goal though, I suppose!

Also about to start a podcast. Been a little busy, but hoping to get a few episodes recorded before uploading in the new year...






2nd April 2017

An eventful couple of months for me! This is less of a "thoughts" post and more of a "news" thing I guess. I recently started work as the auxiliary keyboard and guitar player for legendary UK Funk/Acid Jazz band Jamiroquai. It's been an amazing experience. I was initially invited up to Jay Kay's studio for an informal audition and played a few tracks with the guys. The band were super friendly and welcoming, which definitely helped the nerves! I got the gig so started preparing by getting all the synth sounds ready, chopping up samples, getting guitar pedals sorted... Oh, and started learning a LOT of songs!

As of this date, we've rehearsed in three different places for a decent amount of time and done two sold out gigs (Paris and London).

There is a great tour planned and I'm excited about this project. The new album sounds wicked and it's a fantastic project to be a part of. Check the album 'Automaton' out here:

For anyone who might be interested, my gear for the tour is:

Yamaha Motif XF8

DSI Prophet 6

Cort Hiram Bullock signature guitar

Laney L5 amp and 2x12 cab

15th February 2016


I recently bought the Waves Abbey Road Plates plugin. Some really useful and interesting reverbs in here. All based on the EMT 140 Plates (A, B, C and D) at Abbey Road Studios. Still deciding whether or not it can be used alongside my current favourite, Relab LX480 Complete... I'm sure I'll find a way to enjoy both!

8th February 2016


I've been using the Slate Digital plugins recently, and they sound amazing! If you don't know, get to know!

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